3D animated short film·Duration : 2 minutes 16 seconds

Incas devoting a true worship to their deities, Kilia, via an astonishing story-telling, attempts to depict this deep spiritual relationship these peoples have with their gods.

A Drop Too Much

3D animated short film·Duration : 4 minutes 32 seconds

During an evening which promises to be enjoyable and full of drinks, our two little friends Will Sky and Jay Rhum will make an overwhelming encounter...

Matthieu Romain

2D & 3D Artist

Concept Art, Character Design, Storyboard, 2D & 3D Animation, Motion Design


Why should I be chosen ?

Graduated from ILOI in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking, and after following preliminary training in Computer Programming, I have both an artistic and a technical profile. With this double competence associating technical and artistic fields, I can create without suffering the technical constraints imposed by computer graphics, especially in 3D animated filmmaking.

What can I bring to you ?

I can bring both technical and artistic skills to set up characters, optimize pipeline developing tools or create animations and VFX during the production process. I'm not afraid of tight deadlines and always ready to give my best on every project. Furthermore, I really like working in international environments to have other points of view and ways of working from different cultures.